Entropic Pandemonium

Prologue (Victor Markov)

Rising from the base of the White Mountains, a huge stone wall encapsulates the seat of human power in the realm of Verden. Mennenburg, a place where the haves congregate and gossip with mirth while the have nots scurry about and scavenge whatever is left unattended. The nobles spare no expense to make the city seem clean and safe to visitors. From the main gate to the castle courtyard, the buildings are set in neat rows. Strong, sturdy buildings made of brick and mahogany and topped with clay shingles line the middle district. Glass windows, some with stained depictions of the city’s heroes, pontiffs, and deities face the main road dubbed simply Main Street. Men and women garbed in chainmail and carrying shields emblazoned with the city’s emblem, a sword and crossed arrows wrapped in vines of morning glories, appear on nearly every corner or patrolling almost aimlessly through the district.


Jackstallion Jackstallion

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